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Blonde and Bailey, Chicago style and life blogger, discussing On the Go product she's loving lately.

It’s time for another Loving Lately post… aka all my favorite things right now. My schedule is super weird, which means I need to be prepared with these “On the Go” items to get through the day.

Protein bars

I don’t think there’s ever a time where I don’t have a protein bar in my bag. They’re just so easy to throw in my bag and save me from hangry moments. I try to aim for high protein and fiber in my bars to keep me full. What am I loving lately? RXBars. My favorite flavors are blueberry, maple sea salt and pumpkin, though I haven’t had a flavor I wouldn’t eat again. The chocolate sea salt is great for a sweet tooth, too! I also picked up some Clean bars from Costco that I really like.

Water bottle

I don’t go many places without my S’well bottle these days. I’ve been trying really hard to increase the amount of water I drink, so always having a bottle with me makes that easier. I finally bought the actual cleaning brush that S’well sells, and I would say it’s worth the money – way better for cleaning.


This is another item I typically get at Costco. My mom bought me a box of it probably a year ago. I think it was her subtle hint to lay off the Red Bull and opt for something a little healthier. Well, it worked. I still love my Red Bull but don’t drink it nearly as frequent as I used to. I can notice the energy from Zipfizz, and it’s full of vitamins! You mix it with water and I think it tastes like those Flintstone vitamins we used to eat as kids, if you know what I’m talking about…

Hand sanitizer

This spray hand sanitizer that I got from Plum Market is the best. My friend Laura introduced me to it, and after using hers pretty much every day I figured I’d buy myself some instead. It smells really good and comes in multiple sizes; I like the smaller size, personally.


I’m a lists person, so even if I’m using notes on my computer and Asana to project manage my life, there’s still satisfaction in crossing stuff off with actual pen and paper. I get the small Rifle Paper Co. notebooks from Paper Source so they’re manageable to put in my bag, plus they’re super cute. (Like these!) 


I don’t leave the house without my headphones, ever. I constantly have them in my ears, whether I’m on the L, walking or working… I haven’t bought the cordless earbuds yet, but they’re definitely on my want list. I’ve heard good things. Anybody have them? Thoughts?


Lipstick could be a post all by itself. I’ll keep it short here, I LOVE lipstick. I think it’s so fun. While I usually don’t wear anything too crazy during the day, I may wear some to school at times. I usually explore Sephora or just ask Andrea for the latest and greatest for lip shades. I wear Stila and Tarte a lot, though!


You could probably say I’m obsessed with sunglasses. It’s rare for me to walk by a sunglasses display and not try a pair on, but then I’m usually sucked in. I often have to speed walk past Sunglass Hut to avoid eye contact. Anyway, they’re another go-to for commutes!

Lunch bag

Last but not least, I bring my lunch bag everywhere. It’s not my best fashion statement but it’s necessary. I typically food prep for the week then have my meals planned out and don’t have to worry. It makes me eat healthier and not spend loads of money buying meals out constantly.

What on the go items are you loving? Share them in the comments below or reach out via social media – would love to hear! xx

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