Loving Lately: Work Edition

Hello, hello, hello! I’ve decided to start a new post series: Loving Lately. It’ll essentially be a roundup of everything I’m loving lately — from clothes to products to random thoughts.

If you missed my recent work outfit post, I shared a look I’m loving. I figured I’d carry on the work wear theme.

So here we go, a work wardrobe revamp. 


I’ve been a bigger fan of skirts lately but they’re definitely something I’m super picky about. Why are so many skirts so uncomfortable? Walking in pencil skirts can be THE WORST. Don’t even try to add in heels. Well, I do but it certainly decreases my arrival time.


Blouses are probably on the top of my list for work items I need more of. I liked to mix classic tops with some more trendy options, especially depending on what skirt or pants I’m styling it with.



I’m a big fan of wearing dresses to work, mainly because it requires picking out less items in the morning. I usually pair sleeveless dresses with a sweater or jacket because I’m definitely somebody who gets cold in the air conditioned office.



Loafers are my go-to when it comes to work shoes. I honestly have a few pairs that I have the multiple colors in the same styles. I haven’t been wearing heels that frequently since I walk to work (about 20 minutes) so I’ve opted for more comfortable, cute flat options.




So, I’ve never owned a steamer until recently and I don’t know how I lasted this long without one. It’s always a hassle to bring my ironing board and iron out in my studio apartment, so this quick and easy alternative has been my jam. I don’t know if it technically counts as an accessory but I put it in this category anyway. Yes, I also use a lunch bag almost every day. It’s a pain to have to carry but worth it to save money and try to stay healthy by prepping my meals.


That’s all for now! xx


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